Reaching schools through Genuniversal

Reaching schools through Genuniversal

Gen Universal makes it to the class rooms!

With 15 schools from 4 different regions from Chile, with ERIS we start the project Gen Universal, which is a program that aims to develop the critical thinking and scientific method in the daily life. The school Seminario San Rafael, in Valparaiso, received kids from year 6 of 4 different schools from Valparaiso on May 13th, and we could start our project Gen Universal.

This project is initiated by the Millenium Nucleus ERIS, but it is excecuted in collaboration with WeLab foundation and Sense Contents. In this first stage, teachers will get trained for Gen Universal, such that their new knowledge can be applied in the rooms during the second semester of this year.

In the ERIS team, which includes Patricia Tissera, Alvaro Rojas and Evelyn Johnston, we have been emphasising the importance and need to positive stimulate kids. The scientific method tells us to deal with competition in a healthy way, it helps us to deal with frustration, and to understand that there are many ways and many answers to the same problems. These ways can be long, short, easy or difficult, and to cross through them, we need tools and skills from many disciplines, including arts, literature and computing. Each person can make their own paths, and this is what we want kids to appreciate with this

We look forward to work with the different partners of ths project, namely the schools and the teachers. In addition, we really want to develop a close relationship with the kids, we will be working with the same kids for the next 3 years. At the long run, we dream with helping these kids to finish their education with hope and passion, where they are protagonists of their own lifes, and are fair and proud citizens.

The WeLab foundation is key for the success of this programme. Their objective is educate using collaboration, leaving aside individualism and competition. Like this, they can better face the complex challenges of the current world. Cristina Bazan, the director of the foundation claims that she saw how a full generation of young people are left in an educational system which does not give them purpose. Young people know what they want to have, but they don't know who they are, what they want to be and how they want to contribute to the world. It is thus important to reconnect with one self, making deep phylosofical questions, which is when the critical thinking becomes so important.

At a personal level, I have suffered witnessing how kids were taken their right of education and personal development during the pandemic. It is a gap of two years for them to catch up, and with ERIS we want to use our knowledge as well as our energy and funding, to close that gap. Kids are the future of our society, and therefore, working with them is working for the future of everybody.

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