Accepting postdoc applicants!

Accepting postdoc applicants!

We recently were granted funds to hire a postdoc to work on an interdisciplinary astronomy project. Image credit: Amy Bonsor (The story book 'Jaspreet, Roller Skates and Planets' )).

When I was a postdoc at the Institute of Astronomy (IoA) in Cambridge I met Amy Bonsor, another postdoc from the Institute but working on the chemistry of planets.  In addition of both analysing stellar spectra, we both have little kids - so the subjects to talk about during the legendary coffee and tea breaks at the IoA were many.

During the lasts months at Cambridge one of my conversatons with Amy left me with a spectrum of a star that I promised to analyse for her. That star could help us understanding better the chemical composition of rocky planets.  Then I moved to Chile and had to settle here as faculty and a citizen - which really takes longer than imagined! That star was on my to-do list and so I kept sending emails to Amy appologising for delays. 

That to-do list with promises to others  really harrassed me at the start of the Pandemic so decided to address it, and started working on Amy's star.  This is how we started communicating actively again, sharing the struggles of kids in Pandemia, talking about combining work with education,  discusing of the next steps of our project after the analysis of this particular. We submitted the paper about this analysis, we included other colleagues in our discussions and ideas, we submitted new observing proposals, and submitted a proposal to hire a postdoc that could help with all these new ideas.

The proposal for hiring a postdoc was granted! We're accepting applicants until January 10th. Details of the position here.

Paper about that work is published here